Episode 96 – Sexy Bread

Episode 96 – Sexy Bread

Dive into a captivating journey with John and Wes as they unravel the fascinating origins of everyday language, exploring the stories behind the words we use daily. In this episode, we also discover how Nudie’s Honky Tonk crafts its unique IPA, and watch as John delights Wes with an unexpected mystery bottle of spirits. Your invitation awaits to be part of this intriguing blend of linguistic adventures, craft beer exploration, and spirit tasting surprises. Don’t miss out on this exceptional episode of Beer, Bourbon, and Balderdash! Join us, will you, for a journey rich in discovery and cheer.

The BeerNudies Honky Tonk West Coast IPA

The BourbonKnox Whiskey Works Rye 95

The Balderdash – Weird Word Origins

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Polanski – Modern Child

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  • Kyrin from Mere Mortals Podcast 1111 sats from Episode 95
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