John and I strive to make an entertaining podcast, that also might make you think, so you might be encouraged and uplifted throughout the week! If you find value in that, all we ask is that you give value back in the form of Time, Treasure or Talent!

  • TREASURE: John and I treasure friendship and our producers and now you can be both! You can send us a Boost! through any Podcasting 2.0 app or donate to keep this ship afloat by giving to our Pay Pal! Anything helps!
  • YOUR TIME: Tell others about us or reach out to us and leave comments! We love hearing from you!
  • YOUR TALENT: Our producers are where it’s at and if you have any special talent’s that you think would help this podcast you enjoy be better please share them with us!

    Our current needs:

    • Jingles for some segments
    • Any artwork
    • Any help with website or computer-technical stuff and such

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