Episode 89 – “That’s The Way To Do It!”

Episode 89 – “That’s The Way To Do It!”

Join John and Wes as they delve into the fascinating realm of human psychology, exploring the profound impact that both good and bad news can have on our lives. Together, they’ll examine how our reactions to life’s ups and downs shape our perspectives and influence our well-being. Through candid conversation and insightful reflection, we’ll uncover strategies for cultivating a positive outlook on life, even in the face of adversity.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also take a lighthearted look at the world of non-alcoholic beverages. From the intriguing allure of extra calories to the curious notion of “less fun,” we’ll uncover the unexpected joys that await in every sip. So grab your favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise) and join us for a journey into the delightful nuances of optimism and refreshment. Cheers to finding the bright side, even in life’s most unexpected twists and turns!

Athletic Brewing Company “Run Wild” IPA

Best Day Brewing Company K├Âlsch

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