Episode 79 – Release and Embrace

Episode 79 – Release and Embrace

In this enlightening episode, join Wes and his special guest host, Max, as they navigate the profound journey of letting go and embracing acceptance. Beyond exploring these pivotal life themes, the two delve into Max’s band, “The Truth Beyond,” unveiling their latest single, “The Voice Within.” All this while savoring the distinct flavors of Wayfinder Brewing’s Freiheit Festbier and the rich notes of Heaven Hills Bottle-in-Bond Bourbon Whiskey. Tune in for a meaningful conversation, and don’t forget to stay until the end to experience the magic of The Truth Beyond’s new single. Prost to a captivating discussion ahead!

Wayfinder Brewing Freiheit Festbier

Heaven Hills Bottle-In-Bond

The Truth Beyond Band

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