Episode 76 – Hope Is Dope

Episode 76 – Hope Is Dope

Join John and Wes for an engaging and entertaining episode as they dive into a fun game of Mind Meld. Amidst the laughter and clever wordplay, they unravel the mystery of this episode’s enigmatic balderdash word, “pogonotomy”. The duo also hears from special guest Craig for an enlightening conversation on the profound and uplifting theme of hope. All the while, they savor the delightful flavors of a River Styx Brewing Orion Sour and the rich complexity of Hirsch Straight Whiskey. Tune in for a dose of intellectual amusement and spirited banter, and remember to savor this episode responsibly!

River Styx Brewing Orion Sour

Hirsch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Craig Weinberg – VPD Studio

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