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Episode 93 – The Yippers

Episode 93 – The Yippers

Dive into an engaging journey with John and Wes as they unravel the complexities of parenting—the very essence that inspires their spirited discussions. In this episode, they enhance their conversation with a refreshingly crisp Session Pale Ale from Notch Brewing, paired perfectly with the rich, smooth notes of Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Black Rock Spirits.

Tune in to explore their unique parenting philosophies, enriched by the warmth of their chosen drinks.

Engage with the intrigue as they unveil the enigmatic Balderdash word of the week, inviting you to ponder its mysteries alongside them.

Visualize the ambiance as they indulge in their exquisite selections, savoring each sip of their carefully chosen libations.

Reflect deeply as they pose and ponder the Beer Trivia question, a testament to their love and knowledge of the craft.

Hurry to your preferred Podcasting 2.0 platform and immerse yourself in this captivating episode of Beer, Bourbon, and Balderdash—where humor meets wisdom over a glass of fine drink. Don’t miss out on this blend of laughter, learning, and libations!

The Beer – Notch Dog and Pony Show
The Bourbon – Through the Woods Straight Bourbon Whiskey
The Balderdash – Parenting Philosophy

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